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The prefecture of Serres

Elpida Resort & Spa Spa hotel is in an ideal location, in the valley of Agioi Anargyroi with view of the Acropolis of Serres, that is to say of the tower of Orestes (Koulas). It combines the tranquility of the countryside with the practicality of the centre since it is located in the heart of the green lung of the town and it is only 5 minutes away from the centre of Serres.

The tower of Orestes (Koulas)

The founding of the Byzantine Acropolis dates back to the 9th century AD, when sources mention that the emperor Nikiforos Fokas constructed fortifications in the town of Serres. During the Byzantine empire the tower of Orestes is referred to in many golden bulls of the Byzantine emperors as the ''Castle''. The view from this location is magical as one can see the whole of the town and a great part of the flatland of Serres.

The valley of Agioi Anargyroi

A source of life and a real lung for the town of Serres makes out the valley of Agioi Anargyroi which is located in the street which leads to the Acropolis. It is the most beautiful park of Serres which at the same time makes out a recreation ground, a place for exercise and fun. The artificial lake, in the waters of which the blue and the green colour of the landscape is reflected, is considered to be one more ornament of the valley. In the summer, the night life of Serres is transferred there, thus, turning this quiet place late at night to a unique frenetic party.

Lailias- Ski resort

The forest of Lailia is a magical place of 33.000 donums, which are verdant with beeches and forest pine trees. Lailias or Gialias means "recreation ground" in Turkish, thus, only from its etymology one realizes that it was already since the 17th century a place where people would gather to roister. On the north side of the top in an altitude of 1.600 metres there is the ski resort of Lailia and the chalet with the cafe and the good food. It has a basic piste, the total length of which is one thousand (1000) metres and the amplitude of which is 60 metres, which is served by one sliding ramp, the length of which is 850 metres, and which can transfer seven hundred (700) people per hour.

Lake Kerkini

A unique and unexpected experience is the visit to the marvellous world of the wetlands of Kerkini. It is one of the most beautiful places in Greece and one of the 3 or 4 best places in Europe for birding while it is popular for its rich flora and fauna. Many rare and protected by international treaties species of birds, riverside forests, water lilies which float on a space of thousands of donums and a horizon of extraordinary beauty from the mountainous complexes of Belles and Krousia give an insurmountable charm to the place.

The cave of Alistrati

The cave of Alistrati was created by phenomena of chemical and mechanical decomposition which started 2.000.000 years ago and which are caused by the flow of water on several rocks in the depths of the earth. The cave, with an excellent natural ventilation in all of its departments, unfolds itself in main and secondary routes, the total length of which is 3 kilometres. Until today almost 25.000 square metres of the cave's flat surface have been explored. Inside the cave, the temperature is stable at 20 Celsius degrees and humidity reaches 70 - 75%. In a parallel route which starts from the ''drawing room'', the visitor meets rooms of different sizes with colourful stalactites, the length of which is 15 metres. The covered walk is united with the main corridor and at some points it even reaches 35 metres.

The racing circuit of Serres

The Racing Circuit of Serres is located south-west of the town of Serres between the Athletic Park of Omonoia and covers 1.000 donums. The circuit was built 1998. It has been constructed according to the technical security specifications which involve up to the level Formula 3. It is the biggest in the Balkans and its length is 3.186 metres and its amplitude is 12-15 metres. The racing circuit of Serres makes out the only circuit in the country and in the Balkans which fully meets the structural requirements of the International Motorcycling Federation (FIΜ) and of the International Automobile Federation (FIA), for the conduct of races of the categories up to the level Formula 3.


You can come to Serres and the Elpida Resort & Spa hotel in several fast and inexpensive ways... The airport "Makedonia'' is only 105 kilometres (50 minutes by car) away from the hotel, the trip by train is very inexpensive and comfortable, you can also come to the hotel by bus or even with your own car since the road network is excellent.

These and many other sights offers the town and the prefecture of Serres, thus, meeting the requirements and satisfying the taste of everyone... Monuments, recreation grounds, sport activities, gastronomy. So, come to Serres to live an unforgettable experience and leave your lodging to us. We guarantee unique care, tranquility and relaxation in our unique spaces...