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Alternative tourism

Following the international trend for the widening and the differentiation of the tourism product, over the last years, Elpida Resort & Spa in cooperation with "Konstantinidis Travel" travel agency offers attractive packages and services of alternative forms of tourism.

A different way of vacation

Alternative tourism wants to make everyone feel like home by acquainting him/her with the local values, the landscapes, the tastes, the songs, the dance, the painting and the creation. It addresses those who seek a different way of vacation which is in turn connected to the protection of the local culture, the protection of the environment and the avoidance of the use of services of the organized mass tourism.

Greece can offer a host of such experiences by taking advantage of the diversity of its landscapes, natural resources, cultural and historical richness as well as its tradition, its customs and practices.

Greece with its breathtaking landscapes and a host of unique ecosystems, like the protected Ramsar areas, the rural landscapes, the majestic mountains and the unpolluted rivers, offers unique chances for the creation of ecotouristical experiences.