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Plan and celebrate your new start at our hotel. Join us at planning the most beautiful moment of your life just like you imagined it. We will turn it to a dreamlike memory! Magic, dream, elegance and luxury are the words which characterize our receptions.

In a hotel resort which covers an extended area with many green spaces, big gardens and a swimming pool it is almost certain that the environment will reward both you and your guests. Your photographs will be amazing since every spot of green or blue of our spaces can be a ''canvass'' for your photographer and it will give a different tone to your memories. Moreover, at Elpida Resort & Spa, you will have the chance to spend the night there and on the following day, to enjoy the comforts, the facilities, some time at the spa or the gym and to relax after the tension of the wedding before you leave for your honey moon.

Regarding the food, you will definitely not have to worry about anything else than choosing the right menu from a range of suggestions made by the hotel's Chef. The experts are willing to suggest dishes and food which differ from the usual and which fill generously the table and the buffet.

At the hotel Elpida Resort & Spa you can plan your wedding at extraordinary rates. Ask us...

The package we offer includes...
A welcome drink.
Buffet menu with rich, delicious food suggestions.
Unlimited beverage consumption (wine, beer, refreshments).
Welcome table.
A party for the bride and her friends at the hotel's Spa room.
The wedding suite is offered as a gift for the first night.
Breakfast... in bed.
Special room rates for your guests.