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Sports facilities

For the visitors of Elpida Resort & Spa who seek a good reason to tear themselves away from the couch and to exercise efficiently or for those who simply want to spend some time joyfully with friends playing and having a good time the tennis, basketball and beach volley courts are the perfect choice. So, combine exercise with entertainment!!

Our facilities consist of two double olympic-sized tennis courts, a normal-sized basketball court and a beach volley court! Every court has a 5 metres margin behind the baseline.

Both the special coating of the courts and their underlay contributes to the absorption of vibrations so that athletes do not burden their body and so that they can avoid injuries. The courts are ideal for athletes of all ages and skills. Both beginners and professional players can exercise without facing the danger which comes from a ''hard court''.

The courts have a refreshment room, changing rooms, a shower, toilets and a room where you can safely leave your personal belongings. There is easy access to the facilities and a comfortable parking is also offered.

Hours of operation 8 a.m. – 12 p.m. on weekdays and at weekends.