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Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is known both as the lowest point on earth (-418m) below the sea level and for the therapeutic properties of its water and mud. Since ancient times it was the most well-known beauty, health and relaxation centre. Today it is known world-wide for its unique natural ability to regenerate the skin's vital functions in a natural way. A new series of products arrives at Elpida Resort & Spa to impress us and to give us real solutions for serious issues like the efficient effacement of wrinkles, cellulite, acne, blotches and premature skin aging. Dermatopathies and allergies now belong to the past due to the combination of the precious power of the 26 metals of the Dead Sea and the extended experience of the company's Sea of Spa scientists.

Thai massage

Therapeutic Thai massage. Thai massage is a mixture of Chinese and Indian medicine (ayurveda) and it does not only influence the body but makes out a holistic therapy. Through the pressure of specific points, through the use of stretching and muscle relaxation exercises among others it brings our body back to harmony and that is what makes this kind of massage so efficient and unique for its type. Besides it is not accidental that this type of massage has been used for more than 1500 years. It involves a deep whole-body therapy during which the client wears light, comfortable and clean clothes.


Rejuvenation is a massage technique which rejuvenates the face, improves the circulation while at the same time it deeply relaxes the body and mind. It has great aesthetic results and acts by stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system. As a rejuvenating face massage, it frees the face, neck, skull and shoulders muscles from the tension. It affects immediately the connective tissue by restoring its elasticity and flexibility. Small wrinkles are reduced, headaches and stiffness of the nape and shoulders disappear after few sessions. It makes out a natural face lifting.

Relax & Anti stress massage: Relax massage

The relaxing kneading by experts helps the body release the accumulated tension and tiredness while absolute relaxation of the tired muscles and restoration of their elasticity is achieved. The anti stress massage rejuvenates the organism and contributes to the ensuring of physical, psychical and mental health.

At the same time, the use of the beneficial essential oils offers the organism well-being and rejuvenation and it also improves the mood.

Hot Stones Massage

The Hot stones massage is a relaxing massage which includes the use of hot stones. The heat of the stones relaxes the muscles, stimulates the circulation of the blood in the region and promotes the therapeutic procedure. Muscle relaxation also means mental relaxation. Practically, hot stones massage is a top anti-stress massage. The energy of complementary elements which inhere in the stone like the elements: fire and water (volcano-ocean) combined with the use of energetic essential oils relax the organism, thus, facilitating the flow of energy in the body.

Aromatherapy, massage and mud-baths are the best end after a tiring working day or simply after an exploration of the sights of the Prefecture of Serres.

Massage Face Treatment Body Treatment
Body massage 25' / 25€ A touch of luxury 45' / 120€ Transformation Spa 50' / 45€
Back - nape massage 20' / 15€ G mask 45' / 80€ G mask 45' / 80€
Facial massage 20' / 15€ Night flower treatment 25' / 30€ Night flower treatment 25' / 30€
Facial - body massage 50' / 45€ Quick facial cleansing 25' / 25€ Quick facial cleansing 25' / 25€
Anti stress massage 30' / 35€ Dead Sea weed 25' / 40€ Dead Sea weed 25' / 40€
Hot stones 50' / 45€ The miracle of the black pearl 45' / 45€ The miracle of the black pearl 45' / 45€
Thai massage 30' / 25€ & 60' / 40€ Face lift 40' / 50€ Face lift 40' / 50€
Rejuvenation 45' / 40€ Acne treatment 30' / 35€ Acne treatment 30' / 35€
Child massage 25' / 20€ Only for men 35' / 40€ Only for men 35' / 40€
Spa Programms
A day dedicated to beauty (Face and body hydration, body aromatherapy, black Pearl Miracle) 80' / 85€
A day dedicated to rest (Massage, aromatherapy facial) 80' / 80€
Bride's day (aromatherapy, quick cleansing, night flower therapy, massage) 120' / 130€
Groom's day (Massage, quick facial cleansing, aromatherapy facial) 70' / 90€
Sea therapy (mud therapy, massage) 90' / 80€
Prive for 2 persons 60' / 70€
Hair removal Make up Manicure / Pedicure
Legs 15€ Morning make up 20' / 30€ Manicure 10€
Bikini 15€ Evening make up 30' / 40€ Pedicure 18€
Eyebrows 5€ Bridal make up 60' / 200€ French manicure / pedicure +5€
Upper lip 5€ Semi-permanent manicure 15€
Men's back 15€